Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Group shot

Trying to find a good group shot, but not too sure how focussed they have come out.  Here's one i've worked on a wee bit, does anyone else struggle with picture focus when it's freezing outside or is it just me??! Boooo :(

Friday, 24 February 2012

Oh boy!

Haven't posted in quite a while! The lack of new blog entries makes me feel a bit sad :(

Just back from a trip to England to meet my cousin Naomi's new baby William.  
(I went to see Naomi and her husband Shane too...before they weep themselves to sleep thinking they're of no importance anymore).
So...having parents like Naomi and Shane obviously meant William had to be gorgeous, and of course he was! Absolutely beautiful baby boy, who in time if you ask "daddy or chips?" he'll be bound to reply "chips" - Loves his grub just like his mummy!  
I'm still trying to finish all the vow renewal photos before i attempt any new projects, so for now, here's a couple of snaps i took while i was over in England....everyone say "HI" to William Paul Thomas Ayres :)

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Video stills...

You know my problem? I'm far too easily distracted! Had lily asleep pretty early tonight so i could get some photo editing done...what did i end up doing? Figuring out how to create stills on iMovie from the video footage of the vow renewal. 
So, i'm sat up at 12:45am scoffing my face with chilli peanuts and having a giggle at all the footage in slow motion while i try and find parts that would make worth-while photos. Not sure if i'll be using any to be honest, not entirely sure how the pixel quality will turn out when the video plays on full screen, which is a shame! 
Anyway....Here's a few so far...they've been down sized so quality won't be so great, but hey...they sum up the day!

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Up again at midnight, enjoying the peace and quiet! Thought i would get stuck into the vow renewal photos, seeing as i'm away to England next week to finally meet the gorgeous boy that is William!
I ordered the photo album the other night, fingers crossed it looks as good in reality as it does on the computer screen! It has 50 pages in it...and i took 700 odd photos - haha. That'll be a task!
Most recent photo, Julie & Tom having a wee smooch - (Tom loved the smooch photos, might i add).

Sunday, 5 February 2012

For Julie

A sneaky peak so far for Julie :)

Here come the girls...

Enjoying getting stuck into these vow renewal photos, thought i'd share one of my favourites so far...From left to right: Ursula Harbinson, Demi Harbinson, Lily Mortimer, Anthea Harbinson and Tiffany-Lee Harbinson.

Sorry about the watermark but i can't have people printing off photos before the bride gets her copies! :)

Friday, 3 February 2012


On Thursday 2nd February 2012 i played photographer at my cousins vow renewal ceremony, which was a very big privilege! I was her flower girl in 1991, and i'm glad to see Julie and her husband Tom still as in love and as happy as they were 21 years ago...and along those 21 years they've had 4 stunning girls together; Tilly, Demi, Anthea and Ursula! 
The day was fantastic from start to finish, full of laughter & equally full of tears. I know my Uncle Billy would have been very proud of his four grand-daughters as they stood at the front of the ceremony room and gave their speech. He'd also have been proud of his daughter Julie and how beautiful she looked yesterday, (even when she was crowd surfing to Lady Gaga). haha!
I have yet to have a proper look at the photos i took... however, for now...my favourite photo of the dress: