Friday, 24 February 2012

Oh boy!

Haven't posted in quite a while! The lack of new blog entries makes me feel a bit sad :(

Just back from a trip to England to meet my cousin Naomi's new baby William.  
(I went to see Naomi and her husband Shane too...before they weep themselves to sleep thinking they're of no importance anymore).
So...having parents like Naomi and Shane obviously meant William had to be gorgeous, and of course he was! Absolutely beautiful baby boy, who in time if you ask "daddy or chips?" he'll be bound to reply "chips" - Loves his grub just like his mummy!  
I'm still trying to finish all the vow renewal photos before i attempt any new projects, so for now, here's a couple of snaps i took while i was over in England....everyone say "HI" to William Paul Thomas Ayres :)

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